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Need Data? Try Mississauga's Updated City Planning Data Hub

City of Mississauga

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May 15, 2017
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In 2016, Mississauga was one of the first municipalities in Canada to launch an online hub to give everyone access to the data we use to plan our city. For 2022, we’ve completely revamped our City Planning Data Hub making it even more interactive and easy to use.

The Data Hub gives you access to a wide-range of data in the following categories:
  • Census (population and demographic)
  • Culture (public art and urban design)
  • Development (pipeline, permits and applications)
  • Employment (business community and employees)
  • Environment (natural areas systems and trees)
  • Growth forecast (population, employment and units)
  • Housing (data and residential directory)
  • Land use (existing and vacant land use dashboards)
  • Office (office directory)
It also includes a 3D model and our Major Transit Station Area dashboard.

It's easy to navigate the data. You can browse online or download any data set you need. The Data Hub is updated regularly as new data sets are published.

Try it now: