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Mici Roma @ 2010 Taste of Asia!!!


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Jun 11, 2010
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Mici Roma, a home-based business in Toronto which specializes in Mici sausages; a traditional Eastern European premium sausage that's well-known as one of the most popular festivity food in Romania.

Legend has it, once upon a time in Romania, there was a famous inn called La Iordache, well-known for its expertise in sausages. One day, La Iordache got very busy, and the kitchen ran out of sausage casings sooner than they expected. The kitchen then decided to utilize their creativity, which leads to the creation of Mici...a smaller sausage that tastes EVEN BETTER than the original!!!

Mici, translated as “the little oneâ€, is well-known for its delicate taste; A tender, juicy, heavenly tasting sausage wrapped within a fire-grilled outer layer.

Thanks to the efforts of the Marginean family, Mici Roma will make its way to a larger scale of public exposure! This summer, come to Taste of Asia 2010 and enjoy a Mici made from a 300 years old secret family recipe!

Where: Taste of Asia 2010
(Kennedy Rd. north of Steeles Ave. & south of Clayton Rd)

June 26th (Saturday) 12pm-12am
June 27th (Sunday) 12pm-6pm

*Special promotion*

We are offering possible cash prizes when you try our Mici Sausage! Everytime you make a purchase of $5, you'll get a chance to win:

1st prize: $100
2nd prize: $50
3rd prize: $25
4th prize: $15
5th prize: $10

Never had a Mici? Try some at this year's Taste of Asia! You'll fall in love!

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