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Devron is seeking a Project Coordinator

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Edward Skira
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Apr 22, 2007
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Devron is now seeking a Project Coordinator to join a tight-knit, high-performing team. We are looking for someone who is truly passionate about design and construction, with a strong aptitude for technical details.

The Opportunity:
The Project Coordinator at Devron is involved at various stages of the development and construction of mid- and high-rise projects. Collaborating both internally and externally, the Project Coordinator will be heavily involved with design development of projects, from early stages and throughout construction, in addition to other project and construction management support.
Career Opportunities: Devron Seeking Project Coordinator

Design Development/ Working Drawings
· Assist with preparing preliminary costing and product analysis during the design development phase
· Attend and document design development meeting minutes and follow up on action items
· Coordinate and overlay various consultant drawings to ensure all consultant drawings are in sync and seek improvements
· Ensure Lessons Learned from previous projects are incorporated into Consultant drawings
· Resolve any design conflicts and issues that arise from the development of working drawings
· Ensure all consultant reports are incorporated into the working drawings
· Incorporate contractor feedback from the tendering process into working drawings
· Ensure building permit comments are overlaid into the IFC drawings
· Prepare drawing scope markups, compile tender documents, and complete tender recaps
· Manage the tender RFI process in and organized manner
· Coordinate the construction of the sales office and ensure contractors are building per approved drawings and shop drawings
· Assist with securing agreements, site plan agreements, and building permits
· Assist with traffic and construction staging plans

· Ensure current drawings are always up to date, accurate and organized
· Review shop drawing and ensure any revisions are included in the construction drawings
· Review site instructions and distribution and pricing as needed
· Manage the coordination of site instructions between other Consultants and trade shop drawings
· Maintain accurate and up to date logs, records, files and binders
· Updates to budgets and schedules as required
· Assist the construction team in closing out RFIs
· Distribution of change orders and purchase orders through our PM software
· Issue Monthly and Quarterly status reports
· Manage the turnover documents process
· Manage the Technical Audit deficiency process and its timely completion
· Assist with occupancy and registration
· Prepare, coordinate, document and maintain all purchaser upgrades and colour selections and distribute to the site team
· Complete take-offs and the setting up of the upgrade matrix
· Tracking milestones and deliverable and providing assistance and support to the Project Manager and Director
· The Project Coordinator works alongside the Project Managers and Directors through all stages of design and construction of a project including design, estimating, bidding, start-up, project procurement, contract administration and close out.

General Project Management
· Maintain effective working relationships with consultants, construction managers, contractors and public officials
· Liaise with sales and marketing team for the installation of site marketing signage
· Assist with monthly invoicing
· Assist with utility issues, utility design and project procurement
· Updating of drawings for parking and locker allocations

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