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Captain John's Restaurant (1975-2012)


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Sep 3, 2008
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Yonge & Bloor
Captain John's For Sale

Now that Captain John's Ship/Restaurant at the foot of Yonge is up for sale at a reduced price of $1.1 million maybe the city should consider buying it. It would make a very unique tourist centre and an outdoor cafe could be operated off the deck during the warmer months. It's a very strategic location considering new developments along QQ east & west plus the new streetcar line. I figure the boat would need 1/2 to 1 million to bring it into tip top shape.

I think getting the city involved in this one is a bad idea - I can't think how it can be more of an improvement than a proper tourist information centre that's located in a more central location.

Quite frankly the best thing that could happen is to see this eyesore leave the slip permanently.

Alvin hit this one on the nose. Either that, or the management could use a good routing by Gordon Ramsey on Kitchen Nightmares.

When I went, the food was awful, and the waiters were all dressed like seamen (insert joke here).

By my guess, Captain John's has only been surviving off of tourist groups who only ate there because it was part of the package. It's past its prime and should either be scrapped or sunk as an artificial reef.
I think the city would be much better suited to building another funky wavedeck here.
Actually I don't think there are plans to have a wavedeck there. Quite frankly from the reviews it's been getting, it can't possibly be a profitable business at all. Can we sell this thing to the Navy and use it for target pratice, please?

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C'mon you guys, you can't see it. Re-name the ship the S.S. Yonge St., paint the whole thing with murals of Toronto, build a huge deck next to it over the water and get Tim Horton's to run indoor and outdoor outlets. Tourists would eat it up! Don't forget, this the foot of Yonge St., which is an attraction in itself.
maybe if a particular mayoral candidate wins the election, it can be turned into a casino/brothel? a one-stop-shop where you can empty your wallet and testicles!
Alvin, I'm pretty certain I've seen written intentions from WT to build a wave deck here. The more I think about it, the more I remember not only seeing a Yonge St. wavedeck on the chronological roadmap for the waterfront but also seeing it drawn on a map of the completed central waterfront redevelopment.

The Yonge Street deck last appeared in the Spadina Bridge presentation and considered to be of low priority (below Portland Slip) - it is subsequently absent in the QQ EA report/display panels of last year. I would consider it pretty much a goner for now.