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2003 Municipal Election: Tory TV Ads



Has anybody seen any election ads on TV other than for John Tory?? I haven't seen a single David Miller ad while I've seen John Tory's ads play over and over again all day.

This is a huge handicap for Miller because many uninformed voter will vote for the candidate they know the best. So if you don't listen to the radio, don't read the paper and only watch TV, John Tory will have the upper hand.

It's going to be a tight race...
The good news is that it's win- win. There is no bad choice between Miller and Tory - only a preference.
I suspect that if one is supporting Miller, then Tory is the second choice, and if one supports Tory, Miller is the second choice.

Either way, the city is going to be in competent hands.
We'll be much better served by David Miller's pro-transit, pro-waterfront vision.
Remember what John Tory said about Toll roads?? He's a driver, not a rider.... he will put driver's over transit!
David Miller knows the TTC inside out, he knows City Hall inside out! He's definitely the best man for the job. I just think he's making a big mistake by not running TV ads.
TV ads aren't cheap, especially compared to basically any other method of advertising...I doubt he's got a whole bunch of money left over after his other advertising campaigns.

And in this case I agree with Are Be...either candidate will do well. Both candidates recognize the importance of the waterfront, and while I support road tolls in principle, I applaud Tory for opposing the kind of tolls Miller was extra $100 a month (just to get to and from work...not counting random visits to the city for other reasons) is just too much for a lot of people.

I'm a bit leery of Tory's perceived anti-development slant, but I think that that's been blown a little out of proportion, and I'm much happier with his fiscal plan than with Miller's, so I think I'm going to vote Tory.

But as Are Be said, there's really no bad choice.
Tory ... Pro Waterfront? Watch him build his wet-dream garbage incinerator in the Port Lands and kill the whole waterfront revitalization plan along with it... not to mention his support for the Island Airport bridge that will eventually lead to expansion.
By the way, it's the new Liberal Provincial Government's policy not to allow building garbage incinerators so Tory's promise will fall before he can propose it.
With Tory, it will be like we have the same confrontational crap we had before... except instead of Ontario vs Toronto, it's going to be Toronto vs Ontario and nothing will get done.

Most of Tory's policies are just re-announcing what has already been promised making it sound like he's progressive. John Tory's a back room dealer just like Mel Lastman... he's just more of the same. He supported Mike Harris and advised Mel Lastman.. you sure this is the kind of guy you want running our city for the next 3 years??

Ok... that was my rant on what I want people to look at about John Tory before you go out and vote for him...

Getting back to the TV ads, I realize that if Tory is spending money on Television, he won't have more to spend on other initiatives. There's a campaign spending limit of $1.1 million which Tory has raised and Miller is just $0.1 million far from reaching. So they're both on relatively even ground on what they can spend on their respective campaigns.

I wonder if Tory will have enough money to keep his ads running until election day or if these past 3 days were his attempt to boast his campaign at a time when most of the electorate makes up their mind.

Anyway, I know very well that our pro-Urban David Miller will keep his lead and win this election. Urban guru Jane Jacobs predicted this back in January and just as she endorsed David Crombie when he was elected, her predictions are seldomly wrong... she will be proven right when on November 11, David Miller walks into his new mayor's office.