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  1. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto Church of Scientology | ?m | 8s

    Scientology is a problem along here, but the whole stretch south of Bloor to around Dundonald is in a sorry state. So many shops are closed, boarded or gated and new developments have most of their commercial space empty, and still available to lease. Part of it are 3 condo highrise...
  2. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto 68 Wellesley Street East | 91.9m | 28s | KingSett Capital | BDP Quadrangle

    I’m betting 12 stories, hence only two elevators, they know 26 levels won’t fly.
  3. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto 2 Queen West | 34.44m | 7s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    An example of the finished (almost) product, looking better than renderings. Bravo. Bit by bit, CF needs to continue opening retail units to the street where ever possible north of here, even if it's just windows and glass exits. Same with the former Eaton's store, and The Bay building at...
  4. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto Concord Sky | 299m | 85s | Concord Adex | Kohn Pedersen Fox

    It hurts that this eyesore will finally shut down my CN Tower view.
  5. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto 88 Queen | 167.35m | 52s | St Thomas Dev | Hariri Pontarini

    Facade retention and restoration is one of the greatest moves forward since this boom began. It's helping save character of downtown east, and other character areas.
  6. dt_toronto_geek

    77 Davisville, Greenrock. 30s.

    77 Davisville is up for sale by Greenrock, site for potential growth. 30 storey apartment rental as a “tower in a park”. Balliol St bottom, Davisville St top.
  7. dt_toronto_geek

    40 & 50 Alexander St. and 55 Maitland Street - Village Green, Greenrock. 19s, 19s, 30s.

    I went back 12 pages in Buildings and see no post, so here we go. The Village Green Property is up for sale in the heart of the Church Wellesley Village. A Greenrock property at 77 Davisville is also listed. It’s not known what can be proposed here, at the Village Green site, anything...
  8. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto 2 Cawthra Square | 145.4m | 45s | BV Realty Partners | Arcadis

    This is an outrageous application, but nothing truly surprises me anymore. The building will at best only briefly shadow the north/east corner at the back of Barbara Hall Park at sunrise. The 100 Wellesley low rise additions got chopped back as an overbuild of the site (it's a “tower in the...
  9. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto Chelsea Green (was 33 Gerrard) | 297.25m | 90s | Great Eagle | a—A

    It would be ridiculous to suggest adding a Gerrard subway stop with all this insane density to come by the end of the decade. The PATH should have a more prominent place here with Planning given all this massive development, especially on the west side from Elm College station for winter...
  10. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto 160 Front West | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG

    If anyone is within view, a crane is coming down.
  11. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto 88 Isabella | 203.65m | 62s | Capital Developments | Diamond Schmitt

    This is a CAPREIT rental building, that they still have a listing up for ( This is a long standing property of theirs in the GTA, interested to see if they sold or I wonder if this is how they are doing their...
  12. dt_toronto_geek

    Church-Wellesley Village

    It’s still being worked on. Presumably they’ll be ready for Pride week.
  13. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto Concord Sky | 299m | 85s | Concord Adex | Kohn Pedersen Fox

    Nope. Just nope. Every building should look great, mid rise to high rise. Tall buildings should excel, no excuses for this not being “an architectural beauty”.
  14. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto 69 Yonge | 89.45m | 21s | H&R REIT | PARTISANS

    I’d love to live in a decent sized suite in a building like that, but they will likely be micro-rentals/micro-condos. People with money don’t want to live in a dead zone like that. It’s all about Yorkville, Rosedale/Forest Hill/Moore Park etc. There are buildings in the CBD that are hard to...
  15. dt_toronto_geek

    Jasonzed - Jason Zytynsky Tribute and Photography Award

    Thank you for the info. @Jodiezed, Jason was an enthusiastic member of this community and he’ll very much be missed. I just read now that he passed, I’m so very sad. Most of us here share a real passion for our city, to lose someone who was so active feels like losing a friend.
  16. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto 100 Wellesley East | 38.7m | 11s | CAPREIT | Core Architects

    The render-people have lightened up the brown brick of the exisiting tower considerbly, making it look more like a harmonous add-on, which it's not. There is no twin building down the street, someone in render-land took a photo looking north on Jarvis, reversed it and then pasted it so that it...
  17. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto RioCan Hall | 145.2m | 42s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    It was the world's first commercial laser light IMAX, also 12 channel sound (vs 6 channel). Cinesphere has better sound, IMO, plus they can play both IMAX film and digital, Scotiabank's IMAX projector was pulled when the laser light projectors were installed, so it can only play digital IMAX. I...
  18. dt_toronto_geek

    Church-Wellesley Village

    Signs are up on the wooden hoarding at 501 Church now. It'll be "The Friendly Stranger" cannabis & things, the signs give a number for community members to call if they support, or don't support the zoning for a cannabis shop. It could likely be open in January, and many edibles/drinkables...
  19. dt_toronto_geek

    Clover Hill Park (5 St. Joseph, 0s, NAK Deisgn)

    To avoid Yonge St., Bay Street has become a much more pleasing and engaging street to walk, the sidewalks are much busier too. This more user-friendly green space at the north half looks like a great update.