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    Police did a strange thing

    I'm telling you.. it was creppy, yeah uniformed, 2 in back possibly 2 in front. I'm curious as this had me freaked out a bit, this normal? Was it because the shooting on DF? I'm trying to think logically why they would have done it.. Maybe routine with armored truck spotting?
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    Police did a strange thing

    So I was walking up to college street and bathurst at around 10 PM and out of no where this unmarked 2000 dodge caravan pulls up to the light (door open already) filled with uniform cops in the back taking pictures, I noticed the flash was on that's what focused my attention and snaps pictures...
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    Any Canadian-owned chains of coffee shops?

    There are tons of Canadian coffee chains, the hard part is figuring which ones are good.
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    Shoppers Drug Mart

    Nope they're even featured in several Pusateri's.
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    New rides at Wonderland

    The wild beast is classic.
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    New rides at Wonderland

    I suppose, I can definitely agree with the bike seat though.
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    Any Canadian-owned chains of coffee shops?

    Not sure about anyone else, but SecondCup, I found at a good handful of locations across the city to be overall stingy, really stingy.
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    New rides at Wonderland

    I mean it could have easily been "updated." Uncomfortable? That's debatable, as that ride had many fans.
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    I miss the 1980’s

    I wonder if it was spread out to miss the 70s and what not back in the 80s :P
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    Globe and Mail, tear down this paywall!

    Wiki isn't accurate and you can find more accurate info scattered through well known established sites. Apart from wiki what other outlets have you guys looked into?
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    I miss the 1990's

    Anyone got an album of the 90s in Toronto?
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    Toronto Tower at Pier 27 | 114.9m | 35s | Cityzen | a—A

    Isn't this suppose to be finished by early 2nd quarter 2019?
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    Post your pictures of Toronto here!

    Anyone have pics of 90s Toronto?
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    Toronto non-mall retail (Odds & Ends)

    Anyone else enjoy those small 4-6 store drive up malls?
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    World Happiness Report 2018 - Canada #7

    Wonder if CR is due to ex pats :P
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    Shoppers Drug Mart

    That fence though. lol..
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    Toronto Breweries, Brew Pubs, Bottle Shops

    Don't think this is updated anymore
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    SO has really evolved, much more than Eatons.