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  1. jks

    The Star: Ottawa to cut programs, sell off gov't assets

    Looks like the federal government is following in the footsteps of Mike Harris during the Common Sense Revolution.
  2. jks

    September 11th: Real or Fraud?

    I think it was an inside job. Never before in the history of the world has an iron skyscraper collapsed because it had fire on two of its floors (WTC7).
  3. jks

    Global warming: Real or Fraud?

  4. jks

    Global warming: Real or Fraud?

    Kamuix. I have just one question to ask you. Who could possibly gain anything from fabricating a global warming idea? Just explain that to me. It's SO much easier to do nothing. To keep the status quo. Global Warming is a pain in the ass to all governments and all people. I'm sure everyone...
  5. jks

    Good Toronto ISP (Internet Provider)?

    Try Yak, it's $30/month for high-speed, and there's no downloading limit (stupid Bell charged $30 a month for 2 Gb, wich i didn't even download =O.
  6. jks

    Mayor Miller to resign?

    ^^^Yup. Not running:
  7. jks

    Peterborough Commuter Rail

    The 88 Peterborough GO bus to Oshawa Station is set to start service today!
  8. jks

    Transit Update Thread Request

    ^^LOL!! I know, that's like the most crucial part of any project =P
  9. jks

    Toronto Telus House - 25 York Street | 136.24m | 30s | Menkes | Sweeny &Co

    ^^ Ya, it would like just the box was extended, Pretty pointless.
  10. jks

    Toronto Beyond The Sea | ?m | 44s | Empire | Richmond Architects

    That'd be a pretty sucky place for an NFL stadium. Even though it's closer to downtown than the stadiums in most other cities, It's still pretty far by TO standards.
  11. jks

    401 Rapid Transit?

    Ok, I think the simplest thing to do with the 401 is to make some of the lanes HOV. I would say 2 per direction, one in express, one in collectors.
  12. jks

    Transit Fantasy Maps

    I just used paint lol =).
  13. jks

    B.C.'s billboard pokes fun at Toronto

    My first thought was: "Wow, that must be some damn hot beer!!"
  14. jks

    Globe: Is Calatrava the future of Calgary? Let's hope so

    Wow, typical of Westerners to complain how their hard earned tax dollars are being "wasted" on "this fellow from Spain". Seriously, the bridge in that picture isn't even that amazing compared to Calatrava's other works. Hey, maybe we should suggest this as the design for the bridge over the...
  15. jks

    Transit Fantasy Maps

    Dude, awesome logo for Toronto and area transit. It looks like the GO logo, but you can clearly see the letters GTA!
  16. jks

    jks's Photo Special: Rooftop View

    August 5th From the roof of 10 Edgecliffe Golfway Zoomed in on downtown: And zoomed out: Towards Yonge-Eglinton: Long way down: North York Skyline: Zoomed in. Minto looks huge!! And Scarborough Centre Skyline: An urban forest: The DVP...
  17. jks

    Toronto Accolade Condo | ?m | 34s | Tridel | Burka

    Some photos from the roof of 10 Edgecliffe: Lots of traffic on the DVP! And some from the ground:
  18. jks

    Bridge, The + Connect (Urbancorp, 22s, Kirkor)

    ^Oh, my bad. It's just that Bell LIghtbox is listed on their website, because Kirkor is supposedly the "Architect of record", while KPMG is "Design Architect". What's the difference??
  19. jks

    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    Wow, a lot of hate for 1001 Bay St. I totally disagree with that. I really like it!