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  1. innsertnamehere

    Canadian Highway Fantasy Thread

    Right now my understanding is that MTO plans to eventually 4-lane 26, but construct a Stayner and Collingwood by-pass as well sort of how @2323 has sketched it. The Collingwood Bypass was initially thought to reconnect to 26 around Blue Mountian, but MTO realized it probably really needs to be...
  2. innsertnamehere

    Canadian Highway Fantasy Thread

    A-85 is fully under construction at this point and scheduled for completion next year, FYI.
  3. innsertnamehere

    Zoning Reform Ideas

    The intent of the legislation is to prevent neighbours from appealing your application, but preserve landowners rights to appeal and adjudicate Municipally-led OPAs and ZBAs like a secondary plan. Neighbours, including if your neighbour is another developer, cannot appeal your application...
  4. innsertnamehere

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    It's just the EA, not detailed design - so likely not for several years at least. It does appear that it's being completed because MTO intends to move on it relatively soon though.
  5. innsertnamehere

    Canadian Highway Fantasy Thread

    Sault Ste Marie is the only real oddity with no real plans to fix. Well, outside of BC, which is chock full of in-town highway stretches with 0 plans to bypass. Two of the three you listed will be fixed by the end of 2025. The other has long-range plans for fixing.
  6. innsertnamehere

    Canadian Highway Fantasy Thread

    Breezewood is a local oddity of American politics - there isn't a "canadian" version of it at all. A Sault Ste Marie bypass is probably the lowest hanging fruit on the Trans Canada in terms of travel time savings, but Muzik is right in that many will probably be stopping for services in Sault...
  7. innsertnamehere

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    MTO has released preliminary plans for the 410 widening in Brampton: (warning - large PDF) The preferred alternative extends the 10-lane section of the 410, including HOV lanes, to Bovaird...
  8. innsertnamehere

    Hamilton 186 Hunter Street East | ?m | 14s | LIUNA | srm Architects

    That's a soil testing rig, not construction equipment, I believe.
  9. innsertnamehere

    Sheppard Line 4 Subway Extension (Proposed)

    Not sure I agree with this. I think UTSC is a better extension target than Sheppard / Morningside is. A far better one. Plus any such extension could likely run at grade on the side of the 401.
  10. innsertnamehere

    Roads: Gardiner Expressway catch-all, incl. Hybrid Design (2015-onwards)

    I do feel like it's progressing relatively quickly, but man, soooo far to go still. Even with 24/7 it's not going to be a quick project. Plus once this contract is done, there are just more contracts.. Just wait until they demolish the eastern Gardiner for a few years as they rebuild it. It's...
  11. innsertnamehere

    Niagara-on-the-Lake White Oaks Village | 90.6m | 25s | White Oaks Resort & Spa | Giannone Petricone

    I'm going to be honest - this is a terrible location for such density anyway. I hate these middle of nowhere highrises. Make no sense.
  12. innsertnamehere

    Hamilton Confederation GO Station | ?m | 1s | Metrolinx

    During peak, yes. But 30-minute peak service is only 4 rush hour trains, the same level of service that Hamilton GO centre enjoys right now. The latest update on Niagara Services is here: It lists 3 options. 1. 4...
  13. innsertnamehere

    Hamilton Confederation GO Station | ?m | 1s | Metrolinx

    IIRC the business case for the Niagara GO expansion had identified all-day service to Confederation. 30-minute service has only ever been rumoured for WH, with no formal documentation from Metrolinx. If it does happen, they may extend it to Confederation, but we'll see.
  14. innsertnamehere

    Zoning Reform Ideas

    simple - multiplex is permitted, but semi-detached is not. One example of how it can work in a more convoluted way - Hamilton recently passed similar legislation to Toronto opening up development in residential neighbourhoods. The rules for one of the zoning categories are: Minimum lot...
  15. innsertnamehere

    Hamilton Confederation GO Station | ?m | 1s | Metrolinx

    IIRC planning documents had indicated an 8-minute travel time between West Harbour and Confederation. We'll have to see if that holds in actual service.
  16. innsertnamehere

    Downtown Grocery Store List (current + proposed)

    Interesting. Good to finally see a discount grocer in LV - but they are already testing their mini-market format a few minutes away at King and Shaw..
  17. innsertnamehere

    Toronto Ontario Line: Riverside-Leslieville Station | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | HDR

    Electrification is not part of this contract specifically, but the contract for electrification has been signed and will immediately follow the completion of the current contract.
  18. innsertnamehere

    Queens Park Renovation

    No idea. I know the government is still toying with the idea of building themselves a new office block at the corner of Bay and Grosvenor, which is likely where they would want that space to eventually end up. My understanding is that right now provincial employees are mostly scattered across...