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  1. taal

    Toronto Aqualuna at Bayside | 61.87m | 18s | Tridel | 3XN

    Between the two buildings, I'll takes ours too be honest :) - I like the actual metal material for the contrast vs the different glass.
  2. taal

    Toronto Ripley's Aquarium of Canada | 13.11m | 2s | Ripley Entertainment | B+H

    I don't understand why the TPL is giving out free passes to the aquarium or other tourist sites - the concept never made sense to me. Are they getting a deal i.e. it's actually free to the TPL - or are they spending their budget on this ? I'm completely open to giving it to people who...
  3. taal

    Toronto Ripley's Aquarium of Canada | 13.11m | 2s | Ripley Entertainment | B+H

    Right for the amount of content. I really wish they could expand somehow somewhere
  4. taal

    Toronto Ripley's Aquarium of Canada | 13.11m | 2s | Ripley Entertainment | B+H

    I’m curious when this was built was there any allowance for a future expansion. Every time I’ve been here it’s been absolutely packed, so I suspect attendance is not an issue, if not the opposite. Mind you, none of that is necessarily incentive on their part.
  5. taal

    Toronto 160 Front West | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG

    Looking really nice in the morning fog, bonus cn tower shot as well
  6. taal

    Yonge Street Revitalization (Downtown Yonge BIA/City of Toronto)

    I mean I wouldn't exactly call that packed sidewalks, just sayin ... point stands regardless.
  7. taal

    Toronto Steeles Connect Industrial Campus | 15.5m | 1s | OleaDev Real Estate Group | Baldassarra

    So I realize this probably means they are turning town the BMO IFL complex - a large conference / learning center - that's a shame.
  8. taal

    North York City Centre (Yonge & Sheppard)

    Very interesting tidbit of history there, thanks for that ! A shame that didn't happen in the end.
  9. taal

    Toronto Union Centre | 298m | 54s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    Oh wow :) Ok I stand corrected - question, are they all conversions and/or demolish and rebuild ? Or are there some cases of demolish and potentially rebuild at a future date, which would be the worst of course.
  10. taal

    Toronto Union Centre | 298m | 54s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    I actually find this hard to believe - I'm sure there will be a handful of conversions don't get me wrong - and some demonlishions - but I'm not convinced it's going to be overly cost effective given how the condo market is doing currently - purpose built rentals. So to clarify, I'm just...
  11. taal

    Toronto Lower Don Lands Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    btw is the playground design shown anywhere ? I saw some concept art but it wasn't clear to me if they had finalized the design ? It seemed to be ambitious at least initially but I was concerned it would be scaled back like many other things.
  12. taal

    Toronto 2 Queen West | 34.44m | 7s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    There was a article stating that the office tower at that corner (20 Queen West) is going to be reclad - does anyone have more information on that ? I couldn't find another thread regarding that.
  13. taal

    Toronto RioCan Hall | 145.2m | 42s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    I'm thrilled ! Anything that will keep the theatre open - I'd love to see this project canceled outright ...
  14. taal


    When did that change, they still seemed to be open 24 hours last I checked ?
  15. taal

    North York City Centre (Yonge & Sheppard)

    Not a bad idea, there's already a ton of schools of different types in the area. There's probably ample space in some of the existing office towers that have vacancy.
  16. taal

    Toronto Spadina Pier Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto

    I'm a little confused, how do you use the garage for cabling and storing equipment if you don't address the waterproofing repair ? :)
  17. taal

    Toronto Pinnacle One Yonge Commercial | 170.8m | 40s | Pinnacle | Hariri Pontarini

    I get the sentiment not to build commercial here now and I'm sure that will not happen - but I think it may be short cited to grant exceptions throughout the core - sure it'll be painful to have these projects unfinished with gaps for future commercial - but there's no going back really once...
  18. taal

    Toronto 11 YV | 213m | 62s | Metropia | Sweeny &Co

    Project of the year anyone ? :) I'm pretty serious ...
  19. taal

    Toronto M2M Condos | 129.9m | 40s | Aoyuan | Wallman Architects

    I don't see that happening - it's all pretty much single family homes. Actually what irks me - there are so many townhome proposals on finch east/west - vs low rise buildings - better than what was there before but still. Contrast that with Sheppard west/east - all mid-rise towers. Side note...
  20. taal

    Downtown Decline - Future of Toronto's Downtown Core

    It's a great idea on paper but I do not really see it working out ... anyway, 401 Richmond west was already an attempt to do something along those lines ? The areas you're talking about typically develop naturally over time often stimulated by very cheap rent. Moreover, how much would that...