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  1. James

    Toronto Agincourt Mall Redevelopment | 142.94m | 43s | NorthAmerican | Giannone Petricone

    This is quite a redevelopment project. I like it. It is so much better use of all that space.
  2. James

    Toronto 1181 Sheppard Avenue East | 126.85m | 38s | Concord Adex | DIALOG

    Referencing the 2017 employment survey (, you can clearly see major concentrated nodes scattered around the 416 which have a pretty high density of employment. You can already tell by the volume...
  3. James

    Toronto 2810 Bayview | 29.97m | 7s | Osmington Gerofsky | Kirkor

    Interesting proposal. I've always found those few houses on Bayview Avenue, just north of that 401 West on-ramp to be kind of 'out of place'.
  4. James

    Toronto Raptors

    It was an intense game and I can only imagine how the Philadelphia fans must've felt too. Raptors held the lead (albeit at times barely) throughout most of the game, only to have the 76ers catch up multiple times. It was a close call for the Raptors and a "what could've been" game for the 76ers...
  5. James

    Costco (42-46 Overlea Boulevard) Demolition of Heritage Building, Former Coca-Cola HQ

    Not that I'm a big Costco shopper but I'm looking forward to this to hopefully alleviate some of the congestion from the Warden & Ellesmere location.
  6. James

    416 area code envy

    Probably because it's O.G. :p
  7. James

    The "School District" question

    Thanks for the responses. I was just curious if there was some sort of guaranteed admission in place for the children of teachers who choose to teach at that particular school. I don't believe the school is at capacity, so it seems fair that additional students outside of the catchment would...
  8. James

    The "School District" question

    In a somewhat related vein, do the kids of the teachers at a particular school get priority to attend that school if they actually live outside of the catchment? I know of a teacher who teaches at a certain school and their child also attends that school. I also know with certainty that they...
  9. James

    Should Sold Data be public?

    Does anyone know how this information is to be made available? Does one simply enter in an address on a website and the historical sold information for that address pops up? I'm assuming only final sale price & closing date are disclosed. Who "controls" and manages this publicly available data...
  10. James

    Downtown or not downtown?

    I think many of us do consider Bloor Street to be the northern boundary of what constitutes "downtown". To the east, the Don Valley River would be a good line to draw. To the south, the Harbourfront. It's only that western boundary where many of us debate. Thinking back 15-20 years ago, I...
  11. James

    Toronto Agincourt Mall Redevelopment | 142.94m | 43s | NorthAmerican | Giannone Petricone

    The concept plan actually looks pretty amazing.
  12. James

    Sears Canada (1952-2017)

    Here's a sobering harsh look at the long road down for Sears in the U.S.: The Long, Hard, Unprecedented Fall of Sears An icon of 20th century American retailers laid low.
  13. James

    Yorkdale Shopping Centre

    They truly are. 20 years ago I really wouldn't have envisioned it to be as successful as it is (or has become) given the tenant mix, the location, the neighborhood demographics, etc. It has really become a destination shopping center.
  14. James

    Greyhound: Apart from that, how was your experience today?

    Aside from the grisly details of this horrible incident, I still can't believe this happened 8-1/2 years ago. I still remember vividly hearing this story as it broke in the news. It's even harder to believe that this very man will be walking free in society already.
  15. James

    When do you merge in a merging lane?

    100% true...but perhaps it's the Canadian politeness that takes over because it's obvious some drivers feel guilty for going to the front of the line that they feel a need to just stop and get into the line midway so that they don't "annoy" any more people (who really shouldn't be annoyed to...
  16. James

    When do you merge in a merging lane?

    The aforementioned "victim mentality" is a significant factor in one's stress when driving. Unfortunately, it is directly a result of the bad apples on the road who don't let people in, who aren't courteous, who impede traffic, who lane change abruptly, who cut other drivers off in hopes of...
  17. James

    When do you merge in a merging lane?

    I wanted to quote an old post with a great commentary from Admiral Beez which I think doesn't get enough thought. This victim mentality is what gets people riled up and angry at others. They're always on the lookout to prevent someone else from passing in front of them, watching other lanes to...
  18. James

    When do you merge in a merging lane?

    I remember one time not that long ago, during a blackout, I unfortunately found myself driving westbound along Steeles on my way towards the 404. All the traffic lights were out. It was a nightmare. People were so confused as to who and which direction goes first. It was seriously an accident...
  19. James

    When do you merge in a merging lane?

    Oh, I know precisely what you're talking about. I've been caught on the 400 South at that 401 split. Westbound is always busier in the afternoon rush hour. Those people stopped in the 401 Eastbound lanes trying to squeeze into the 401 Westbound lanes are a terror. So much so that it reduces the...
  20. James

    When do you merge in a merging lane?

    Speaking of 4-way stop intersections, I find the larger ones which consist of 2 forward lanes in each of the 4 directions are the worst. Complete chaos when cars don't arrive at the line at the same time.