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  1. cd concept

    Toronto 19 Bloor West | 317.4m | 99s | Reserve Properties | Arcadis

    Or they can go higher than the One creating a retangular pencil style tower like 1200 Bay st. Giving the One more breathing space since they're practically the same hieght !
  2. cd concept

    Toronto Concord Sky | 299m | 85s | Concord Adex | a—A

    It sad to see most of the proposed major office towers taken off this building map in the downtown core in the photo up above. And put into the stale proposal mode on Skyscraperpage's illustration page etc. I wonder if they'll come back as a mix use form of building at the same hieght or more!
  3. cd concept

    Toronto 2 Queen West | 34.44m | 7s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    That section of the Eaton Centre definitely need some facade improvement. Here's a photo below from Word Press Command. Showing the look of these building's early 1900 facades on Yonge Street encircled in orange. Which could be resurrected again acording to the hieght of existing Eaton Centre...
  4. cd concept

    Toronto 2 Queen West | 34.44m | 7s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    It would be nice to see them redo just those cheap looking facades budding next this building to the north of Yonge St. Continuing somewhat the same real natural Victorian look right to the parking entrance of this mall! Reclaiming what was lost in the seventies to build this mall, as they now...
  5. cd concept

    Toronto One Front | 170.86m | 49s | Larco | a—A

    Nice to see flyby up and running again! Keeps up the good work Merry Christmas Koops!
  6. cd concept

    Toronto The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    They ought to come up with a spray product that disintegrates the spray paint right on the spot with no fuss involved !
  7. cd concept

    Toronto Grand Hotel Redevelopment | 153.95m | 49s | Amexon | Core Architects

    Love the height ! Wish there was more thicker cladding around the windows and doors for the tower.
  8. cd concept

    Toronto The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    It looks like we're at the half way point in hieght for this tower! By looking at the photos.of the tower from the previous page.
  9. cd concept

    Toronto 45 The Esplanade | 128.85m | 39s | Republic | Arcadis

    It's a shame that the city doesn't see this building as a notable looking structure for this district!
  10. cd concept

    Toronto 80 Bloor Street West | 263.4m | 78s | Krugarand | Arcadis

    The new rendering is very elegant! Hope they keep this design!
  11. cd concept

    Niagara Falls Claret on St Paul Condos | 40m | 13s | Go-To | Lesdow

    This development has been in the proposal stage since the early 90's from what I can remember! Being in this nice location over looking the Golf Course hope to see it finally get developed!
  12. cd concept

    Vaughan 3131 Highway 7 | ?m | 79s | Toromont Industries Ltd | WZMH

    Yup theres 7×80, 12×60, 2×55, 3×50 and 10×40 storey proposed towers. That are now in vision mode in Toronto's Skyscraperpage illustrations page. Under the Richmond Hill section because of mimbisum so I heard!
  13. cd concept

    Toronto 8 Elm | 218.2m | 69s | Reserve Properties | Arcadis

    Love your Arial rendering of the downtown core Koop's! I can see you finally added the building renderings of the last 4th and 5th phases at Regent Park on the previous page! Love to see a flyby of that when you have a chance thanks!
  14. cd concept

    Toronto Concord Sky | 299m | 85s | Concord Adex | a—A

    I think maybe as soon as the month of October to the December mark. Seeing that there's at least two more levels to pour before they're at grade in the photos up above!
  15. cd concept

    Mississauga Exchange District Condos | 232m | 72s | Camrost-Felcorp | Arcadis

    Looking at the future downtown core in the photos up above. It would have been nice if they would create a below and above path network between every major development. To get around in, on these very cold and hot seasons!
  16. cd concept

    Hamilton 205 Cannon Street East | ?m | 25s

    Yup! I checked it out and did see tall building across the street on Google Earth. One day this whole area will probably be filled up with highrises and skyscrapers below the escarpment in the Hamilton core!
  17. cd concept

    Hamilton 205 Cannon Street East | ?m | 25s

    It looks like it's in an industrial or commercial area from the photo up above.
  18. cd concept

    Toronto Y&S Condos | 130.77m | 38s | Tribute | Graziani + Corazza

    I was wondering what's taking so long for this development to go above grade! It's still not there as you can see in the photos up above.
  19. cd concept

    Mississauga The Southlands | ?m | 72s | Camrost-Felcorp | a—A

    The way I see it Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham and others. Will also follow the same path as Mississauga in the future having dense downtown core. So why make any suburb city of Toronto independent. Just find a way to fix the problem between niebouring cities of each region instead...
  20. cd concept

    Mississauga The Southlands | ?m | 72s | Camrost-Felcorp | a—A

    New Jersey is the state that the city of Newark is in. But I think he's talking about Jersey city which has the biggest skyscrapers in New York City's Big Apple in the state of New Jersey part!