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    Toronto Leaside Innovation Centre | 25.99m | 6s | 1458367 Ontario | Studio Canoo

    Can we change the owner to Goldsmith instead of the numbered corp if this is his building
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    Toronto U of T: Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre | 64.14m | 20s | U of T | Weiss/Manfredi

    Any news on the status of Phase 2? Excited to see the final result.
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    Toronto U of T: Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre | 64.14m | 20s | U of T | Weiss/Manfredi

    Can't wait to see pictures of the spaces built out
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    Toronto 2577 Yonge | 35.05m | 9s | Pyxis | Paul Raff

    Looks like it's back up for sale: Cushman&Wakefield Broker Documents
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    Toronto St Clements School Expansion | 14.3m | 3s | St. Clement's School | CS&P

    Does the school have any outdoor area anymore? Although the expansion is great for the school, there aren't any parks or areas for recess in this area - so thinking this greenspace would've been actively used by the students.
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    Toronto Forma | 308m | 84s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    Do we know who the GC is on this? I see the Ellis Don logo on the site but assuming Great Gulf would want Tucker HiRise involved.
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    Toronto 199 Church | 124.5m | 39s | CentreCourt | Arcadis

    Could not agree more. Pemberton built a lemon. Social aside, I do like the multi-facades here. Wonder what will go in the commercial and retail unit though.
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    Richmond Hill Y9929 | 69.1m | 21s | Metroview | Wallman Architects

    Staff comments from SPA submission:
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    Toronto Danforth Church Housing Addition | 28m | 8s | R-Hauz | McCallum Sather

    I completely disagree. I think they did a very poor job of using involving the heritage church in the design on the new building. I feel like it looks cheap from renderings. They have this beautiful old church, I wish they had taken more time to design a building that could accentuate the...
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    UrbanToronto's Explainer Articles

    bump - would love an update
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    Toronto 280 Viewmount | 113m | 33s | Altree | Graziani + Corazza

    Lol - @Northern Light - tough metaphor. Love the intensification on other subway stations though outside the Yonge-Spadina line. Long overdue.
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    Toronto 336 Queen Street West | 15.85m | 4s | Pearl Group | Turner Fleischer

    It's too bad they moved away from the glass staircase on the left side in the renderings. Also the glass rooftop. Looks a lot more 'trendy' then the boring generic finished product.
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    Toronto 357 King West | 148.13m | 42s | Great Gulf | BDP Quadrangle

    For sure, and it's not to far off from initial renderings unlike some buildings in the area that have been over VE'd... nudge nudge... looking at you Nobu.
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    Toronto 199 Church | 124.5m | 39s | CentreCourt | Arcadis

    Looking good! Really like the retained facade
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    Toronto 357 King West | 148.13m | 42s | Great Gulf | BDP Quadrangle

    Is the triple height outdoor area on the fourth floor slated to be used for anything (i.e outdoor space or restaurant) or is it too small?
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    Toronto The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Would be curious to see how the retail tenants feel about this. I know that they don't have a ton of say, but I'm sure the marketing materials had the number of employees that would work in this ecosystem - and with a large portion already signed by Shopify they felt more comfortable paying...