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  1. interchange42

    Toronto 2500 Don Mills | 129.9m | 39s | Marlin Spring | Wallman Architects

    As per the post just above yours, the City is opposing this one, so it could be quite a while! 42
  2. interchange42

    Toronto Cloverdale Mall Redevelopment | 154m | 48s | QuadReal | Giannone Petricone

    Anything that was to have a high percentage of affordable got done in by higher interest rates. Without some way of making that work (the feds have not done anything to make affordable work with the new conditions), this projects are on indefinite hold. 42
  3. interchange42

    Vaughan Signature on 7 | 35.86m | 10s | Mosaik | KFA

    A block east of Kipling, and right across the street from this project. 42
  4. interchange42

    Toronto Grand Central Mimico: The Buckingham | 122.85m | 37s | VANDYK | Kohn

    VanDyk is pushing ahead at Backyard Condos though, no slowdown there. I think we're just looking at remediation here; the first phase at Grand Central Mimico is the 327 Royal York Road site. 42
  5. interchange42

    Toronto 5359 Dundas West | 182.95m | 55s | CentreCourt | Arcadis

    Our front-page story is up here now. I'll echo some of the other calls @WaitingForGodot, if you're able to provide us with some information that would be helpful in having us focus on a threshold other than 1 elevator per 100 suites, we'd be very interested. Looking forward to seeing elevator...
  6. interchange42

    Toronto 1233 Yonge | 163.55m | 49s | Woodlawn Residences | Arcadis

    Interesting. My mistake then. I was told that for Bylaw purposes, elevator shafts, stairways, and garbage chutes are not calculated into the GFA... but I extended that to the floor-plate issue too. If elevators etc. are included when calculating the floor-plate area for slenderness/minimizing of...
  7. interchange42

    Toronto 5238 Dundas West | 135.9m | 41s | Main and Main | Arcadis

    Yes, as of May, every ongoing IBI project is now branded as an Arcadis one. Our front page stories that cover buildings designed by them will use this phrase for the foreseeable future: "Arcadis — the Amsterdam-based global firm that acquired Toronto-based IBI Group in Fall 2022", until people...
  8. interchange42

    Toronto 1233 Yonge | 163.55m | 49s | Woodlawn Residences | Arcadis

    It's clearly time to make construction hoists permanent! That's my new thing. Gonna be a running joke/not joke. People are gonna be sick of it. I think that of the major livability issues with new buildings that we see pop up in our Forum pages, the one that I believe have the best chance of...
  9. interchange42

    Toronto 699 Yonge | 216.54m | 64s | Concord Adex | DIALOG

    I love the vehemence with which you pack your punch, enough that I had to "haha" the post. I agree that many building proposals appear to have learned nothing when it comes to aesthetics… …but what "they" have learned is that not every site can afford the quality of cladding that buildings like...
  10. interchange42

    Hamilton Steelport | ?m | ?s | Slate | Gensler

    Just a note re: flagging admins for threads (we should put something in a sticky at the top of the forum where it will be ignored) that for thread title/database updates in the 905, please @Paclo. For thread title/database updates in civilized regions, you can still @me. 42
  11. interchange42

    Cambridge 581-595 Langs Drive (Cambridge) | 27.7m | 7s | Region of Waterloo | IBI Group

    Sorry to hear of your situation Ms Janzen, but we are the wrong people to contact. We do not represent the builder, we merely follow development in Southern Ontario. You should probably contact your local City Councillor in Cambridge to let them know of your concerns, and they may be able to...
  12. interchange42

    Toronto Reunion Crossing | ?m | 11s | Diamond Kilmer | Giannone Petricone

    Normally (but not always) Habitat suites are spread throughout the buildings. 42
  13. interchange42

    Mississauga Lakeview Village | ?m | ?s | Argo Developments | Sasaki

    It is mind-boggling. I suspect that they will still create a livable neighbourhood, as they still have to sell units, so not everything will go to shit here, like the planning process in Ontario just did. Your investment should not take a hit, unless they build a unit 5 metres outside your...
  14. interchange42

    Mississauga Lakeview Village | ?m | ?s | Argo Developments | Sasaki

    Approved even before Mississauga Council got to debate the report on this? This is really, really bad news for this province. The only law here is whatever the premier wants for his pals. 42
  15. interchange42

    2 Bloor West Podium Refurb (Kingsett, 2s, ?)

    You know, Union Centralplacetheroryrectangletowerbuilding. The one designed by that guy. With the face and the shoes? 42
  16. interchange42

    Markham Grandview Tower | 125m | 36s | Terrabona | Arcadis

    There is no usual, every project is different. Terrabona Developments have no track record on UrbanToronto yet, just four projects in the planning phase, with no way of knowing which they may start on first… or sell off to others even. 42
  17. interchange42

    Toronto RioCan Hall | 145.2m | 42s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    MVRDV? Jean Nouvel? Kengo Kuma? 42
  18. interchange42

    Toronto Junction House | 40.23m | 9s | Slate | superkül

    The City objected to that, they only wanted the area name indicated, not the branding of the building. 42
  19. interchange42

    Richmond Hill JYN Robbins Family Centre | 10.67m | 2s | Jewish Youth Network

    It will definitely need the trees shown in the rendering! 42