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  1. Lone Primate

    Old photos of Pottery Road and Bayview Bridge

    I made these videos about 8 years ago; saved them as Shockwave Flash files. They've been made obsolete to the point of being practically unplayable, so I've managed to salvage them and hopefully make them playable for a few years more. You might find them interesting if these are places you've...
  2. Lone Primate

    Second Line... mostly...

    Some of the posts here have prompted me to go back into some really old photographs I have and put them up here for your consideration. These will be of particular interest, I think, to you folks in northwest Mississauga. In the winter of 1988-1989, my parents took a trip to the Caribbean, and...
  3. Lone Primate

    Archives of Ontario Humber River photos, 1940s-1950s

    I had the opportunity in November, 2019, to take a few casual shots on my cell of some photos about to go into long term storage for preservation. The references to Don Mills Road in the shots below are a little confusing. From what I understand, that was an earlier way of referring to what...
  4. Lone Primate

    Anybody know what this is? York Mills & Bayview

    This has fascinated me since I noticed it in the city's aerial photos and a few oblique angles in ground shots that never seem to quite point in the "interesting" direction. It looks like it was a makeshift solution to the dog's leg on York Mills at Bayview for a few years, but to my surprise...
  5. Lone Primate

    Bathurst Street gap, Holland Marsh/East Gwillimbury

    I don't think I'll have time to do this justice this evening, but I thought it might be fun to start a new thread... one that I've neglected for years. On April 27, 1995, York Region decided to close a half-kilometre stretch of Bathurst Street just south of where it meets Yonge Street at...
  6. Lone Primate

    Gated community in Rouge Park?

    The area just southeast of Reesor Road and Steeles Avenue, and north of the track of Passmore Avenue, today looks like the attached image from Google Maps. But in 1971, the three captures from the City's aerial photos seem to show a lot of homes in there. Are these homes in some private...
  7. Lone Primate

    Bathurst Street... can you believe it?

    Some of you may have seen the article in The Star last week that talked about a short stretch of Bathurst Street up in East Gwillumbury that was so poor that they closed it in the 1990s, and how they're now keen to reopen and improve it. I was really intrigued so on the weekend I and a buddy...
  8. Lone Primate

    16th Avenue Bailey bridge

    Some of you guys might not even know about this bridge, but I've had my eye on it for a while and its replacement is underway. It's on 16th Avenue in Markham at the extreme east end of town, just east of Reesor Road. I made a point of getting some photos of it and some video of crossing it a...
  9. Lone Primate

    Anybody know what this is?

    This is on the Rouge River a little south of Finch on what I think is technically Zoo land. I've wondered for years now exactly what it is/was and what it's for. I once wondered if it had something to do with the monorail but it's nowhere near where the track was. Anyone know the story? Note...
  10. Lone Primate

    Does anybody know what this was supposed to be for?

    This strange, largely unused little intersection just off the DVP... is it just for service vehicles or was it supposed to (or did it once) serve some other purpose?,-79.411926&spn=0.482365,1.547699&z=10
  11. Lone Primate

    Ellesmere Road, 1952-2009

    I was honestly slack-jawed when I saw the upper photo on the Toronto Public Library's website. If you're not familiar with Toronto, you probably won't think much of it... just a photo of a rural scene that's now urban Scarberia. But the thing is, Ellesemere Road is relatively mid-section in...
  12. Lone Primate

    What is it???

    Does anybody know what this is for? It's a small interchange just off the DVP that seems to connect to nothing and go nowhere. I know that that stretch was supposed to be the route to the Crosstown Expressway, long ago, but what about this set of loops in particular? Was it supposed to serve...
  13. Lone Primate

    Humberline bridge...?

    Does anybody know if there was every a bridge here over the Humber on Humberline Drive? I have maps that suggest there was but I've never seen an aerial shot that includes it.
  14. Lone Primate

    Morningside and Finch

    Does anybody know if the city has any plans to straighten out that pointless deke Finch makes at the RR tracks and at the same time connect Morningside to itself? I mean this rather bucolic anomaly right here, that seems quaint in 1930s terms but a little out of place today.
  15. Lone Primate

    Lost Bridges: Bronte (Twelve) and Sixteen Mile Creeks

    Lost Bridges: 3D photos of Bronte (Twelve) and Sixteen Mile Creeks Just about a week ago now, a lens I sent away for for my Rebel XT arrived. It's the Loreo 3D Lens-in-a-Cap, and basically, it's a beam-splitter that takes two slightly different angles of the same view and conveys them to the...
  16. Lone Primate

    Lost Village: Proudfoot's Hollow

    This journey didn't really end up the way I had intended it starting out. What started as just a chance to see an old relic (which was largely frustrated) eventually became a much more interesting experience. On Labour Day I decided to go to the Dundas Street bridge where it crosses Sixteen...
  17. Lone Primate

    Eglinton Avenue Extension

    Someone asked a few days about about shots of Eglinton and Don Mills. Well, I don't have that specifically, I don't think... nothing about it every got me looking it up... but I have shots of the ends of Eglinton that were connected in the mid-50s by what was then termed the "Eglinton Avenue...
  18. Lone Primate

    Lost Road and Bridge: Lawrence Avenue

    Not all that long ago, mighty Lawrence Avenue was just a little country road. Even today, it's humbled and fractured at Bayview; but even at the beginning of the space age 50 years ago, it was little more than a narrow track across the fading farmland of northern Metro. But things were about...
  19. Lone Primate

    Parkdale graffiti

  20. Lone Primate

    Lost Bridge: 4th Line at Sixteen Mile Creek

    Jerrek suggested this one, and I happen to have a lot of shots of this place because I always found it interesting. It's 4th Line in Halton where it crosses Sixteen Mile Creek. I used to live in Mississauga so I and my buddies would occasionally use this road when we were just tearing around...