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  1. ProjectEnd

    XO2 (Lifetime Developments, 19s, Turner Fleischer)

    Didn't see a separate thread for XO2 at 1182 King Street West so here we are. Looks like Lifetime is market launching this one:
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    77-89 Union Street (?,?,?)

    Consolidated Bottle Corporation is for sale. CBRE is projecting:
  3. ProjectEnd

    115 Saulter Street South (For Sale)

    Colliers trying to get one of the Port Lands sites shifted:
  4. ProjectEnd

    30 Queen St E (Mississauga, Edenshaw/Windsor, ?s, ?)

  5. ProjectEnd

    Toronto | 5 Capri | 127.4m | 39s | Tenblock | BDP Quadrangle

    New proposal from Tenblock and BDP Quadrangle:
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    2483-2485 Bloor Street West (?, ?s, ?)

    Gas station for sale at Bloor and South Kingsway:
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    Toronto | 277 Wellington West | 232.3m | 66s | Reserve Properties | IBI Group

    Reserve and Westdale just took this off of Triovest's hands for $78m. Will be interesting to see what they'll be proposing here. It's a tight site.
  8. ProjectEnd

    1257-1303 Yonge Street (Aspen Ridge, ?s, ?)

    The old Cineplex site is now in play:
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    Toronto | 1966 Eglinton East | 162.05m | 48s | RioCan | Kirkor Architects

    Didn't see a thread for this yet:
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    Toronto | The Queen | 54.85m | 15s | Lamb Development | A&Architects

    Another fire in a heritage row: Funny, the owner here...
  11. ProjectEnd

    Toronto | 218 Dundas East | 133.2m | 41s | Menkes | Giannone Petricone

    Menkes just picked this up for $51m.
  12. ProjectEnd


    Go to hell dipshits: Power to the people:
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    Toronto | 240 Adelaide West | 219m | 68s | Freed | AS + GG

    Some speculation from BlogTo on Crocodile Rock: Not really sure what they could even do. The lot is only 25m deep so you're not going to get adequate separation distances from Boutique to the north.
  14. ProjectEnd

    1087-1091 Yonge Street (Zinc Developments, ?, ?)

    The Sleep Country + Running Room at 1087-1091 Yonge sold to Zinc for $11m earlier this fall. No word on plans yet.
  15. ProjectEnd

    346 Spadina Avenue (?, 3s, Metropolitan Commercial, ?) COMPLETE

    Reclad / repositioning of this old friend on the corner. Construction is already underway: Some history: Apparently it was / is haunted...
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    Toronto | U of T: Academic Wood Tower | 77m | 14s | U of T | Patkau

    Not sure how real this is given current code limitations on high rise wood but it looks like U of T is trying to get on the bandwagon with George Brown (the Arbour) and propose a tall wood concept. Will contain Rotman Executive Programs, the Munk School of Global Affairs and the Faculty of...
  17. ProjectEnd

    Sidewalk Labs Toronto Headquarters (SVN, 2s, Sidewalk Labs) Detailed proposal:
  18. ProjectEnd

    Fraser-Mowat Block (?, 8+10s, SvN)

    No submission yet, just this from SvN's Twitter: Currently:
  19. ProjectEnd

    Toronto | Reunion Crossing | ?m | 11s | Diamond Kilmer | Giannone Petricone

    383 Old Weston Road at St. Clair Ave West: