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  1. Josh

    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    The engineering team might just be confirming what the existing structure is.
  2. Josh

    Toronto | Lower Don Lands Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    I'm a fan of the broadview alignment as well. I think this plan would be better if McCleary Park was extended all the way south to the channel - there's a nice relationship between the two smokestacks that I wouldn't want to be lost. As for those questioning the timing - this is how planning...
  3. Josh

    Toronto | Concord Sky | 298.99m | 85s | Concord Adex | a—A

    A friend of mine was working on the original design - they've stopped work since the change of hands. I would expect a completely new design from a different architect at some point.
  4. Josh

    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    The designer's have really made a mess of this renovation - just a touch of respect for the history of this place would have done wonders. But here we are with a weird dark tunnel out of the atrium to Nordstroms, and a weird off-kilter Uniqlo sign. Imagine if Uniqlo would have restored the...
  5. Josh

    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    That wooden store probably isn't rendered correctly - Uniqlo likely filled in something generic for the render. I'm betting on a Joe Fresh.
  6. Josh

    Toronto | Berczy Park Revitalization | ?m | ?s

    Barbara Hall Park will always be difficult to occupy - the 519 serves the homeless population that mostly occupy the park.
  7. Josh

    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    I saw a bus shelter ad today that was advertising a September 16 opening for Joe Fresh at the Eaton Centre - probably that third mystery store between H&M and Uniqlo.
  8. Josh

    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    Store volume really means nothing - it's how much each customer is willing to shell out. H&M and Zara require many people paying a little bit of cash - Saks / Harry Rosen rely on a few people spending a whole lot of cash. A friend of mine is a clerk at Holts - the bloor store apparently survives...
  9. Josh

    FedEx (475 Commissioners St, ?, 1s, ?)

    This area is in a flood zone right now so its uses / building types are pretty limited. Once the work on the Don River flood protection zone is complete this area will see better development - but that's 20-40 years down the line. I would make a bet that the city has a planned road network for...
  10. Josh

    Toronto | Park Hyatt Renovation | 62.48m | 18s | Oxford Properties | KPMB

    I'm also kind-of hating this latest iteration. While I get they're respecting the original heritage features - I think it's also fair to assess the existing heritage is a bit flawed. It would have been great to have retail extend up Avenue Road instead of the parking turn-around that's...
  11. Josh

    Union Park | 303.26m | 58s | Oxford Properties | Pelli Clarke & Partners

    The problem with the East side is accessibility - having to go up 4-6 sets of stairs to get to a park isn't ideal. The Gardiner really needs to be buried, and the space under the rail tracks carved out for public uses.
  12. Josh

    Rail Deck Park (?, ?, ?)

    Out of curiosity, I did a quick comparison to Central Park in NYC. New York is big.
  13. Josh

    Toronto | KING Toronto | 57.6m | 16s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    Most of this isn't even an 'opinion'. Trees need sunlight to grow - though some big egos here will fight to prove the opposite. So much silliness.
  14. Josh

    Toronto | KING Toronto | 57.6m | 16s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    The DRP’s comments were all reasonable - I’m happy they exist. If we left design review to forum members - all buildings in the city would be 1000 storeys tall, with 1m separation distances, and they would all have crazy shapes. Asking BIG to comply with the cities tower separation distance of...
  15. Josh

    Toronto | Forma | 308m | 84s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    The cit The city slopes - so it's possible they'll be more or less level.