VDF Vertical
24 projects  :  15 complete  |  7 under construction  |  2 pre-construction

VDF was established in 1987 as a specialised fabrication company focused on serving and supplying the growing construction and elevator industries across the GTA. Since then it has grown its reputation as a leading custom elevator interior installer and manufacturer. VDF fosters a belief system founded on a strong sense of customer service, innovation and ideas, honesty, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Whether an architect, designer, property manager, elevator service company or other users, a VDF representative can help you with your needs. VDF is a registered Elevating Device contracting firm with the TSSA, our technicians are specially trained and certified to service and install elevator interiors.

Address 1-3510 Pharmacy Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M1W 2T7, Canada
Phone 416-293-9945