Rebar Enterprises Inc
161 projects  :  37 complete  |  116 under construction  |  8 pre-construction

Rebar Enterprises Inc. with its impeccable Efficiency/Value in Advanced Rebar Engineering and Specialty Rebar Consulting, is committed to delivering projects under budget and months ahead of schedule, while maintaining the highest quality of service for greatest project success. Trade Marked and Patented Modular Re-Bar® program coupled with experts in Innovative Design, Fabrications and Placing is being recognized as world leading Rebar Engineering System that utilizes Lean Design Approach, Integrated Team Delivery, Constructability, Advanced Logistics and 360°Value Engineering ensures excellent relationship and synergy with the team and our customers. With exclusive and extensive network of leaders in scientific research, academia, structural design, management, fabrication, formwork, and installation we can deliver any project worldwide. Our proprietary alternate designs and concepts greatly benefit schedule and field productivity! With over 2000 high rise buildings designed we own priceless data base to help develop Smart Project Budgets.

Address 2380 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 6M5, Canada
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